The Fix Edison website provides updates and information for Edison customers who have been injured or damaged by Southern California Edison. Are you unhappy with poor SCE service, unresponse lip-service and power outages? Let the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), your local government representatives, and Edison know.
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Case Studies

Case 1

June 2018, Camarillo, CA - An Edison neutral power cable ("ground") from the utility pole to Camarillo resident's home failed, resulting in the home being back-fed with 240 volts. The “dropped neutral” condition damaged or destroyed over $40,000 of electronics and personal property. Edison admitted fault, replaced the severely corroded steel ground cable, and advised the homeowner to submit a claim.

The homeowner spent over $37,000 in repairs and repeatedly submitted claims, estimates, and receipts. Now three years later, Edison has failed to take any responsibly or reimburse the homeowner for the damage.

Shockingly, in May 2020, the residence across the street from the homeowner suffered the same failure, incurred damaged property and a lack of response from Edison.

Case 2